I was cooking one of the kid's favorite dinner "Chili" today. I accidentally put bunch of Cayenne peppers ( I mean BUNCH) instead of chili powder. Ouch! Way too Caliente for the kids:( Honestly, I can be careless sometimes.... but when it comes to the cooking, I am capable... well, at least I thought I was. I guess I am tired.

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Deach cab for cuties is coming to MN in May. I definitely would love to go!!! They are my favorite Seattle band:)

Their new song,


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Core salsa music

I am very fortunate to have people from a variety country in my class. Some of them are from Latin America and they know the real stuff!! I am learning the core salsa music from one of the girls and this is the song she introduced to me today.

It is a salsa music standard. The music has a cool groove but also the deep historical message. I love it.


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The strange feeling.


I know it's a random thought but I just want to share with somebody.


As a group fitness instructor, I spent the morning dancing, shouting, sweating and feelin the adrenaline running through my body like crazy.


After that, I went home, took a shower and ate lunch. Then I picked up the book and start reading my recent book.... Stephen King (yeah, I know...).

I just feel so strange that just a couple hours ago, I was right in middle of craziness and then here I am. Reading horror in totall silence. Hard to digest these two different feelings.

But both extremely different times are very joyful to me. What can I say?

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Zumba kids and Jr. training.


As you see,


we had too much fun being trained:)
Now I am officially a zumba kids instructor.


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Just heard an announcement that they canceled the tour due to Chester's leg injury. I'm so bummed!!!



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Next step


I am going to take the "Zumba kids & Jr" training class this weekend. This is something that I have been always wanted to do and am really passionate about it! I am super excited and can't wait to be a certified zumba kids instructer006.gif


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Live tickets.


I've just got the live tickets.
I seriously CAN NOT wait!!!!!!

Linkin Park Concert in Des Moines on Feb 6th.
Perfect valentine's gift from my hubby:)


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The sun was shining(my indoor plants were happy;) but cold out there.

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Happy new year!


Happy New Year!

Oops, it's been a while since I updated last time.

The holiday season literary flew by. Many things happened during this holiday both good and sad. The sad being that we lost one of our family members. It reminded us that our lives are very fragile and precious. I spent this season thinking how lucky I am since we are able to hold each other as a family.

One of the good things, my zumba classes are progressing well. I added one more regular class so now doing a class every weekday except Thursday. Busy but loving it!

I hope 2015 will be a wonderful year for all of you!!!

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